Virtual Giving Catalogue

Welcome to the Virtual Giving Catalogue.  By selecting one or more of these gifts provided for you here you will be supporting individuals specific needs directly in the way that most suits your interests.

Snack in my Pack

snacks.150The snack in my pack program is offered on a weekly basis and provides healthy school snacks to children in need... $10


Toiletries Kit

toiletries150Personal hygiene products are essential for all women and children.... $30


Winter Clothing (Children)

winterclothing150Children are constantly growing, and it’s difficult for Mom’s to keep up! Help us provide some winter clothing to kids in need.... $60


Family Vacation Care Package

vacation package.150St. Joe’ s Women’s Centre sponsors families to go to Waupoos for a week of summer vacations as well as year-round weekend getaways for families... $120


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